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Day 18 | Biblical – Application

Read 2 Timothy 2

As “biblical” Christians, we must present ourselves to God as workers who correctly teach the word of truth (see 2 Timothy 2:15). We’re encouraged to focus on the truth of Scripture, the nature of God, and the necessity of holy living—not to debate fringe theology with others so we can feel smarter and spiritually superior. We’re also told it is useless to fight about words because it leads to the ruin of those who listen (see 2 Timothy 2:14).

We’re told to be workers. Our work, as servants of God and students of His Word, is compared to the work done by soldiers, farmers, and athletes (see 2 Timothy 2:4–6). These three professions all require dedication, discipline, and diligence. Following Jesus and serving God according to the biblical standard is definitely not a life of ease, comfort, and convenience. We can’t take shortcuts or cheat by redefining or disobeying God’s truth or by lowering His standards for our lives. If we want the rewards of faithfulness, we must compete according to God’s standards by His grace, like Olympic athletes. We must be committed, devoted, and single-minded in our lives, like soldiers. And we must practice patience, diligence, and endurance, like farmers.

Spiritual change will not happen overnight. It will take years of careful, loving, and diligent nurture through Bible study, Christian community, and time spent with the Lord in prayer. Spiritual care and growth is often not glamorous. It’s done in private places and quiet times. While it can often feel like work, it is actually God who is working in us as we surrender ourselves to Him.

Pray for God to give you endurance, commitment, and patience as you carry out His work and share the truth of His Word with those who need to hear it.