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This Month’s Highlight

Summer Camps

For the month of March, we are highlighting Experience Summer Camps. This is a great opportunity for children and students to grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. We offer camps divided into two age groups:

Children: Incoming K–5th will be a part of Community Camp, which will be hosted at each of the Cannon County, Murfreesboro, and Shelbyville campuses during the week of June 12th-15th (Note: Tullahoma students are invited to participate at the Shelbyville campus this year).

Students: Incoming 6th grade–2023 High School graduates will be part of our Experience Student Camp, which will take place at Adventure Ocoee (186 Hawkins Dr., Ocoee, TN 37361) during the week of July 17th–21st.

We are excited as we expect to see more kids at these camps than ever before! We encourage you to be a part. We will need plenty of volunteers to make these events happen.

If you have a heart for working with children and students, this is a great opportunity for you to serve. For more information on volunteering at either camp, click the volunteer buttons below.

For more information about camps visit our Summer Camps Page.

  • Camp gives them an opportunity to lean into God, and YOU get to be a part of that! There is a tremendous pressure from our culture that is penetrating the hearts of our students and kids. Things such as: social media, identity, anxiety, technology is discipling them more than their parents, materialism, etc. You can help point them toward God and equip them to be disciples of Christ

  • We have grown a lot since last summer and want to have a healthy ratio of leaders to students.

  • It’s a great way to invest in the next generation.

  • You will build community with other leaders and have fun.

  • Serving and investing in others honors God, obeys Scripture, fills us up, gives us purpose, uses our gifts.
  • I don’t feel equipped: We will provide multiple trainings before camp to do our best to equip our leaders

  • I don’t know how to relate to students/kids: Our encouragement would be to shadow/hang out with current leaders and simple questions to show genuine interest in them will help.

  • I don’t know much about the Bible: It’s okay to say “I don’t know” to certain questions. We encourage leaders to find out the answers with the students or to ask staff for help.

  • I’m not sure how to lead a Life Group: All of our current leaders will be the main leader, and people signing up will be an assistant leader.

  • I want to help at Student Camp, but I’ve never been to an overnight camp: Don’t worry, it will be a lot of people’s first time! You will have your own bed and there will be moments where leaders can break away and get filled up.

  • I’m physically not able to handle a week at camp/or participate in activities: The camp staff and our staff will never force volunteers to do things that they aren’t comfortable doing or physically.

  • I have dietary restrictions: The camp will try their best to accommodate. Leaders can also bring their own food and there are fridges available.

  • It’s difficult to ask off work for a full week: For Community Camp, if you are only able to help for specific days/few days, any help is appreciated! For Student Camp, there are ways you can help before camp or with check-in/the morning we leave for camp

Nonprofits We Support

Thirty percent of our annual budget is given to nonprofits and to fund projects that directly benefit our community. A genuine commitment to Christ is ultimately a commitment to others. Living with this mindset will make a difference in the choices we make, the people we invest in, the way we spend our time, and how we view others. 


The Experience Community App

There’s always something happening at The Experience, and we want you and your family to stay informed. An easy way to do this is to download The Experience Community app, then go to your notification settings to make sure you get notified specifically for you and your family’s needs.