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This Month’s Highlight

Ancora TN

We are thankful for the opportunity to come alongside a fantastic nonprofit–Ancora Tennessee–during April!

AncoraTN (formerly End Slavery Tennessee) works tirelessly to nurture survivor healing and strategically combat human trafficking in Middle Tennessee. 

What is human trafficking? Human trafficking is the exploitation of people for sex or labor services; it’s a crime that robs individuals of their freedom and dignity. At its core, it’s the exploitation of vulnerabilities as individuals seek safety, housing, relationships, and more. It doesn’t just happen internationally; it is a harsh reality happening in our very own backyard.

Thankfully, hope is not lost! Because of AncoraTN and individuals who care, survivors have a place to go, a community of champions, and the chance to heal. Every day a survivor celebrates a joyous milestone—a birthday in community, a new job that provides independence, the keys to their very own apartment, and more. This is all possible because of people like you!

Ancora seeks to break cycles of exploitation and support survivors of human trafficking as they heal from their traumas—offering long-term, comprehensive aftercare services. Through educating communities and professionals, advocating for legal changes, and implementing prevention programming, AncoraTN works to stop human trafficking before it ever begins.

“Ancora” is more than a name; it’s a reflection of the comprehensive care that survivors receive. It means “anchor” in Latin, symbolizing the refuge, support, and hope survivors receive at every point on their healing journey:

  • Refuge: To leave trafficking, survivors must know they are safe and have access to basic human needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Support: Healing takes time. But with a consistent and supportive community, survivors can heal physically and emotionally.
  • Hope: Survivors have a right to reclaim their independence. With pathways to independence through job and housing support, survivors can rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams.

How can you help survivors and prevent human trafficking? 

GIVE: Invest in survivor healing so survivors have access to comprehensive support and community to rebuild their lives.

LEARN: Educate yourself about the realities of human trafficking in Tennessee. AncoraTN has great resources to help: 

• Listen to Someone Like Me, the official podcast of AncoraTN. It was created to amplify the voices of human trafficking survivors, shed light on this complex crime, and highlight how AncoraTN serves survivors in our community.

• Check out AncoraTN’s library of online trainings for frontline professionals and community members alike.

PREVENT: Be a safe, healthy adult to the children and youth around you.

To learn more about what AncoraTN does and how you can help, visit their website by clicking the button below.

Nonprofits We Support

Thirty percent of our annual budget is given to nonprofits and to fund projects that directly benefit our community. A genuine commitment to Christ is ultimately a commitment to others. Living with this mindset will make a difference in the choices we make, the people we invest in, the way we spend our time, and how we view others. 


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