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About College and Young Adult Ministry

Evident, our ministry for college-aged young adults, is a space where anyone can gather, build community, and grow closer to Jesus Christ. We want the lives we’re building to be littered with the evidence of God’s grace. So, in this space, we commit to authenticity that heals—living together in the freedom that Jesus offers through salvation. 

Evident’s Thursday night meetings include worship and teaching that equips us to spread the gospel. You can also expect moments of intimacy and vulnerability through small groups. Being saved by Jesus is both an event and a journey. So we walk that journey while speaking the truth, showing up for each other in the hard times, and sharpening each other to serve the Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evident meets every Thursday night at 7:00 pm in the Student Center at our Murfreesboro campus. 

Come as you are—we’re happy to have you! With its hip, industrial vibes, our space can get chilly. So, feel free to bring a light jacket. 

We’re a gathering of young people—both in college and starting into the workforce. If that is you and you’re looking for community, come join us!

Current Series

This summer, we are exploring the book of First Timothy. This short letter written from Paul to his protege, Timothy, is packed with so many important truths for how to live our lives centered on Christ—not only so we can stay strong in the faith, but also so we can be a light shining the true gospel in a lost world full of false teachings and lies.


Is God calling you to serve young adults? We all need support in navigating adulthood, and maybe you have wisdom to share! Click the button below to learn more about serving with Evident! 

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