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EON is our middle school ministry (6th-8th grade). An EON is “an indefinite/immeasurably long period of time, or 1 billion years.” At EON, we strive to meet students in a difficult phase, and promote an eternal identity; their identity in Christ.

We have a time for students to play games and have fellowship with each other and the leaders. We have a time of worship which is followed by Bible-based teaching. A majority of our time is spent in LifeGroups where students will get an opportunity to share about their weeks, discuss the lesson together, and pray for each other.

For many students, the question asked is, “Who am I right now?”, rather than, “Who am I going to be for EON”? Peers, media, and culture bombard them every day, telling them who they are, and who they should be. This can lead to drastic, rushed, and short-sighted decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. We walk side by side with students, overcoming the short-term chaos with eternal peace. 

We believe that students want to be known and be heard. We spend the majority of our time in EON in a small group setting where students will split up by gender and grade level. We begin our LifeGroups asking about their weeks and give every student the opportunity to share. There will be at least 2 leaders who will facilitate the flow of the group. LifeGroups is a huge deal because people can get lost in a big crowd setting and this will give the students an opportunity to build peer to peer relationships.

At EON, we teach various passages of Scripture with an occasional topical series. Our goal is to give students a foundational understanding of the Bible as a whole during their time in EON. 

If you're ready to take a next step in serving or think you might be called to vocational ministry, our internships are a great way to explore how God has gifted you! Each internship is crafted uniquely to the individual so you can build the experience you are looking for.  

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Throughout the year EON does different events. We require a waiver for all students. If you haven't filled one out before, simply click the link below and submit a waiver!

Student Ministries Waiver

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We meet during all weekend services [in the Student Center] & Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm [in the ECCO Wing.] If you've never been to EON before, come early and meet our team.


Serve with EON

If you are an adult who has a heart for seeing students take next steps in their faith, consider joining our EON leader team!  


Current Series:

We are now working through The Gospel Project: Students Version on the weekends to unify with ECCO. On Wednesdays we are continuing in Matthew for our services.

Hey parents! Our Student Ministries Team now has faith-based parent resources, and they want to share them with you! 

If you have questions about subjects such as mental health, anxiety, smartphone addiction, suicide and self-harm, sexuality and gender, spiritual growth, identity, or pop culture we encourage you to take advantage of these resources. 

To set up a pastoral counseling meeting with our team to review the resources you need to support you and your student, please reach out using the form below.