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Day 19 | Benevolent – Definition

Read Acts 6

Benevolence: a word few know and even fewer understand. The dictionary defines it as a disposition to do good. Scripture describes many of God’s attributes, including His benevolent attitude and goodness. As followers of Christ, we should reflect that same attitude of generosity and goodness throughout our lives.

In today’s chapter, we see where the Church has started to grow, and the 12 disciples could no longer do everything themselves. So the disciples proposed that other Believers step up and help with daily distributions. The disciples said it wouldn’t be right for them to give up preaching—which was essential—to serve tables. But this one act of service had great effects. As a result, the Word spread and the priests increased in number. How? Because of God’s benevolence portrayed through the Church.

To put it simply, the physically hungry came to the place where food was given out. Once fed physically, they were then fed spiritually. At that point, the people who had been fed told others who were still hungry where to get food, and so the cycle continued. When it comes to the gospel, we’re all just beggars telling other beggars where to find the good bread. In Acts 6, the Church exemplified God’s goodness by just serving a meal. Jesus did this very thing in the gospels, and God still does it with us every single day. God fills our souls and our stomachs. He causes the sun to rise and set, the rain to come, and the crops to grow. The Lord is good all the time, and He uses His Church to share His goodness by spreading the gospel.

Pray for God to help you see His goodness in the Church around you.