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Day 4 | Hagar

Read Genesis 21:8-21

Hagar was an Egyptian slave who helped serve Abraham’s wife, Sarah. At Sarah’s encouragement, Hagar gave birth to Abraham’s first son, Ishmael. But 14 years later, when Sarah gave birth to Abraham’s second son, Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael found themselves demoted to second-class citizens in their own home. So after Ishmael mocked and mistreated Isaac, Sarah took the opportunity to have Hagar and her son kicked out of the family.

Just as Hagar’s plight seemed hopeless, The Angel of the Lord (who many believe to be the pre-incarnate Jesus) lovingly intervened. Where there was fear, He spoke words of comfort. Where there was hopelessness, He promised the hope of a future. Where there seemed to be death, He offered life-saving water, just as Jesus would later come to offer us Living Water. God promised Hagar that her son would live and be the start of a great nation. Just as in Genesis 16 when Hagar called God “El Roi”—which means “the God who sees”—God saw this “nobody,” this foreign slave girl and her child, and He did not overlook their distress.

Hagar’s story gives us a glimpse into God’s character and love for His children. Yes, God allowed Hagar and Ishmael to be sent away, which at first may be hard to understand, but then we see that He never abandoned them, He continued to provide for them during their difficult circumstances, and He kept His promises to them. God stepped into their situation and provided for their needs because He still had a plan for Hagar and Ishmael. Just as God saw Hagar, He sees you and has a plan for you. God loves you and wants to comfort you and provide for you in difficult times. When things seem to be hopeless, turn to Him.

Pray for 10 minutes