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Day 3 | Sarah

Read Genesis 20:1-21:7

Sarah (Sarai) was the mother of Isaac and the wife of Abraham, who was known as the “father of the faithful.” Sarah, who was childless until she was 90 years old, did not believe God’s promise to Abraham. Actually, I find it funny! The promise is that she would be called “a mother of nations” through conceiving and bearing a son, aiding in God’s faithfulness to Abraham.

Sarah knew that her husband had faith in God. She even went along when Abraham wanted to uproot her and move towns so he could follow his passion of serving God. But it seemed that Abraham went too far when his leadership of their household resulted in awkward scenarios for Sarah, such as risking her safety to save him.

Abraham pursued a promise that was physically impossible for Sarah; a baby. “A mother of nations” at age 90? Yes, that made her laugh. So that is what she did. Up until the point her pregnancy was undeniable, she had to laugh. Although a son was promised to Abraham through Sarah, they both laughed at this promise; it was too extraordinary for them to accept. When God did what He said He’d do, they did what God told them to do. They named the baby Isaac, which means “he laughs.”

Have you ever found it hard to take God seriously? Have your life situations been so ironic that they are laughable? Or even just found it hard believing the Father knows what He is talking about? In our laughter, we often forget God does not fail. We must be submissive and obedient to God in our journey, even when it does not make sense or seem possible. The reliability of God’s promises to us is just as dependable as His promises to Abraham. They may feel just as impossible, but they are just as faithful.

Pray for 10 minutes