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Day 2 | Abraham

Read Genesis 11:31-12:9

Abraham is one of the most influential people in human history. Three world religions consider him their founding father. He was born 4000 years ago in the town of Ur in modern-day Iraq, a city famous at that time for its worship of the moon. Abraham may have been one of the first people of his day to reject this worship and to instead believe in one, supreme, creator God. He is famous for his faith that led him to leave behind his relatives and the comforts of Haran and follow God’s call to travel south into Canaan. He enters the biblical story right after Genesis has made it clear that the prospects for humanity are pretty bleak when left to our own devices. Abraham was not a perfect person either. He made mistakes, but because of his willingness to keep following God, God continued to refine him and mature him into the father of the Israelites.

In our passage we see that God calls Abraham to leave what he has known with the promise that if he does, God will make him wealthy, famous, great, blessed, and the father of a great nation of people. We don’t really know if Abraham was more attracted by the chance to obey God and be part of God’s plan or by the promises He made. However, we know that Abraham had enough faith in God’s goodness and power to follow the call immediately.

Has God ever called you to leave your comfort zone? Have you followed that calling? Would you do it if He calls you in the future? Are you ready to obey immediately when He calls? Does it give you hope that God still used Abraham even though he was not perfect?

Pray for 10 Minutes