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Day 1 | Adam

Read Genesis 2:4-25

Adam gets a bad rap. Our first thought about him is usually, “That’s the guy who screwed everything up.” Here’s something we think about less often: Adam was the first of all creation to bear the image of God. Genesis 1:26-27 tells us that mankind is made in the image of God, according to His likeness. And since Adam was the first man, he was the first-ever created being who bore God’s image and likeness.

Subsequently, every human being after Adam also bore the image of God, including us! But what does that mean, the image of God? It has many different aspects, but one of those aspects is that we share the relational quality of God. We serve one God who exists in three Persons. This is how God can be love. He has always had perfect relationships within Himself. So when God created us in His image, He made us to have relationships with others and reflect His relational nature. We weren’t made to be lonely. When God paraded the animals before Adam, Adam hoped one of them would make his loneliness go away. But in the end, none of them would work. Nothing but another human being would satisfy Adam’s loneliness. So then, God provided Adam with Eve. God gave Adam community with another human being.

The fact that Eve was his wife doesn’t mean that only marriage can satisfy you. Paul speaks against that in 1 Corinthians 7. But it does mean that when we feel loneliness setting in, we shouldn’t seek things like movies, shows, social media, or any other substitute. When we feel lonely, we should seek the community that God provides to us. So what kind of community do you have? Do you have believing friends who can hold you accountable in your walk with Jesus? Do you have unbelieving friends you can reach with the gospel? If you don’t have both, pray for God to send you people to share life with. And then go and find them!

Pray for 10 Minutes