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Day 21 | Bathsheba

Read 1 Kings 1:1-40

Bathsheba’s relationships initially identified her importance within Israelite history. Of David’s seventy “mighty men,” Bathsheba claimed one as husband, one as father, and one as grandfather; she was well acquainted with loyalty as witnessed through each of these. Later, as the wife of King David, hers was the voice called upon to boldly speak truthful reminders and God’s will to her husband and king.

With a throne takeover attempt already in progress by David’s son Adonijah, urgency was necessary. Her “beloved wife” status was being called upon to rally King David to action…her voice was the reasoning reminder that the prophet Nathan sought to appeal to an uninformed, yet still reigning, king. Not only was the throne in jeopardy, but so were the lives of Bathsheba, Solomon, and those loyal to their cause. King David
had made a promise to her that Solomon would succeed him on the throne. A promise to her, to all Israel, and to God. And now, if he did nothing, that promise would be meaningless and God’s will unfulfilled. She humbly yet boldly reminded her King of his own words and promises, and he remembered that promise declared years before. Israelite history was forever changed because of her willingness to whisper a reminder.

As humans, we unwittingly forget things. If you are a parent, you are aware that your children will hardly let you forget even the small stuff, such as a promised ice cream cone or a new toy. But on the big hand-to-God promises…those are the ones we may need help fulfilling. And should our own minds temporarily overlook, forget, or even ignore them, we need to surround ourselves with people, our “beloveds,” who will speak truth gently yet boldly regarding our promises, hold us accountable, and are not willing to maintain “status quo,” but rather exhort and motivate us. Find your promisewhisperer and nurture their influence and interaction in your life.

Pray for 10 minutes