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Day 20 | David

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-23

David was a shepherd who tended sheep. He famously defeated Goliath and earned the reputation as a hero for his people. King Saul grew increasingly jealous of David and even asked his son to kill David. Eventually, out of fear for his life, David went into hiding to avoid being murdered. After King Saul was killed in war and the threat to David was no more, David, at the age of 30, was appointed King of Israel.

King David sat on the throne for 40 years. We remember David as a righteous man who wanted to please God. After all, in his instructions to his son Solomon before he died, David told his son to observe all the Lord requires. Not only was David seen as a hero in battle, but he was also known as a strong and powerful King of Israel. In so many ways, King David seems to reach the pinnacle of success. What do we have in common with such a valiant leader?

During his reign, we see in a previous scripture that King David had an affair and took for himself a wife that was not his. In this text, God sends Nathan to King David to hold him accountable for his sins. It was a humbling moment for King David when Nathan pointed out that he was just like the rich man who stole the poor man’s sheep. The message from the Lord in this passage causes us to ask a powerful question. Why do
we still find ourselves following our own hearts and desires when God has given us every reason to listen to him? Sin destroys what God created. Sin destroys families. Sin destroys people. Sin always requires a high price to be paid. In King David’s case, his child had to die because of his sin. We all need forgiveness, and similarly, none of us can hide from the cost of our sin. King David reminds us that while we might receive forgiveness from God, there are still consequences because of sin.

Pray for 10 minutes