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Day 8 | Sun & Moon Stand Still

Read Joshua 10:12-14

In Joshua chapter 9, the Gibeonites made a treaty with the Israelites by deception. And they called on Joshua when their enemies attacked them. Even though Joshua had just finished one of his wars, and was tired and exhausted, he honored his word to them and went to their defense, but not before inquiring of God and hearing His approval. God sent a massive hailstorm to help Joshua, and he was winning, but he needed a little more daylight to finish accomplishing his task and destroy the five armies he fought. So, in the Israelites’ presence, he asked God to make the day longer by stopping the sun and the moon. God literally stops time as the day gets longer so that Joshua could accomplish the task that was set before him.

You might wonder, “Was it necessary for Joshua to ask God to stop the sun and the moon if he was already winning the war?” I believe it took great faith and courage to ask God in front of all his people. Joshua shows us that if we are on God’s plan and His mission when we go about God’s business and carry His commands, He will guide our steps and move the mountains which stand before us. He will not only do what he promises, but He will go above and beyond our expectations. Remember, Joshua was not asking for something for himself, but rather a request that would further the kingdom of God.

Today, especially in North American Christianity, we seek God half-heartedly. Sometimes this is because we don’t know our identity in Him, and other times it is because we seek Him for our selfish ambition. We have to be like Joshua: bold, courageous, and obedient – knowing that Jesus is the same today as ever before. We should seek His plan, His purposes, and align our desires with God’s desires. Only then will we see those mountains of addiction, family issues, depression, and illnesses dissipate and disappear. Some of them might need a lot of chiseling to make a little dent, but at the end of the day, Jesus is always faithful.

Pray for 10 minutes