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Day 7 | The Walls of Jericho

Read Joshua 6:6-25

Day after day outside Jericho, Israelites circled the city blowing the ram’s horn and seeing not even a crack in one wall. Day seven rolled around, and the marching began again, but still no cracks; no shifting of any foundations, nothing. Then a long trumpet blast, a shout, and walls crumbled! Now that’s a miracle! But frankly, it’s not the one I want to address today. By the command of the Lord, everything within the walls of that city was to be put to death everything and everyone, except for a prostitute named Rahab and her family. I want us to consider another miracle God was doing in her.

What God had begun with Rahab in chapter two He was about to bring to completion in chapter six. In chapter two, Rahab received two Israelite spies, sheltered them, and then lied to leaders from her city regarding their whereabouts. Talk about risky! She took what she knew about the Israelites and their God and turned it into a faith of her own. A Canaanite prostitute trusted God and followed the instructions of two spies, and He spared her. Rahab experienced God’s mercy and became part of God’s chosen nation. Furthermore, Rahab became part of the lineage of Christ! Was it hard for her to watch her city be destroyed? I’m sure. Was it difficult to leave all of her past and everything she’d ever known behind? You bet. But God’s plan was unfolding in her life.

I’ve read this story many times, and never have I ever thought of that being part of the miracle. Why is that? Is Rahab so bad that she’s beyond the reach of God’s love and mercy? I like to compare myself to Rahab and think I’m much better than she. But the truth is, I need the same grace and mercy, so do you. What walls are crashing down all around you? Are you looking at them from the right perspective? Maybe they’re coming down so God can get to you.

Pray for 10 minutes