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Day 35 | Bartimaeus Sees

Read Mark 10:46-52

There was a road from Jericho to Jerusalem, which would have been very well-traveled for people to attend the Passover festival. Because it was so well-traveled, it would have been a prime location for begging along the road. In the verse before (Mark 10:45), Jesus explained to the disciples the importance of servant-hood and that He did not come to be served but to give His life and serve others. While Jesus and His disciples passed by, Bartimaeus cried out “Son of David” and “Rabbi,” which was messianic language and deeply respectful. When Jesus called him to come, Bartimaeus threw off his garment.

This would have been very unusual, especially for a beggar at this time. These garments were precious to them and not something a lot of beggars would have owned. Jesus asked him what he wanted. This was also a strange detail! Of course, Bartimaeus was blind, but Jesus wanted him to admit his need. His faith and conviction of who Jesus was ultimately healed him and saved his soul.

Bartimaeus may have cast aside his cloak, but he gained a new life and sight! Jesus is showing through this miracle that we must seek first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added on to us. He was demonstrating that our humility and faith is what opens the door for healing. And lastly, he was being an example of a servant loving a beggar on the side of the road when He had the world on His shoulders. The “garments” of this life sometimes prevent us from reaching Jesus. What “garments” are you clinging to that are preventing you from running after Him? Take note of those things that are getting in the way and be persistent, like Bartimaeus, in your pursuit of Christ.

Pray for 10 minutes