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Day 27 | Walking on Water

Read Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus tests His disciples’ faith in one of the most remarkable miracles, walking on water. Jesus had just performed one of His first miracles, feeding the 5,000. Needing His time of solitude, Jesus sent his disciples to go before him across the lake to their next destination (Matthew 14:22). The disciples had not demonstrated confidence in Jesus’ ability to feed the 5,000 people. That miracle should have been remarkable in growing their faith. Yet, they still had questions of doubt. Jesus was about to present another lesson that would bring them closer to knowing and understanding who He was.

Several hours into their journey, the disciples encounter stormy conditions. They certainly didn’t expect to see Jesus coming towards them walking on water and were fearful of this ghostly image approaching them. They were tired, filled with suspicion, and were lacking in faith. So their response was one of terror and wonder. Terror about what was happening and wonder about how this could be happening. Peter tests this ghostly figure’s authenticity by asking Jesus to bring him out on the water as well. He does, but Peter quickly loses faith and begins to sink. In just this brief period of time that Peter spent on the water, we find an incredible lesson we all should learn.

Pray for 10 minutes