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Day 4 | Global – Application

Read Romans 15

Romans 15:20 contains a powerful message that reminds us the Church is more than just our local congregation, it is a global and ever-expanding body. In this verse, the apostle Paul expresses his ambition to preach the gospel where Christ has not yet been named. Paul’s ambition reflects a broader perspective of the Church, one that extends beyond the boundaries of a single local gathering. It challenges us to see the mission of the Church is not confined to our immediate surroundings. Instead, it calls us to look beyond the comfortable confines of our local congregation and consider the vastness of the global Church.

As Christians, we are part of a worldwide community of Believers. Our faith transcends geographic and cultural barriers. Romans 15:20 invites us to share Paul’s ambition by being actively engaged in spreading the gospel to places where it has not yet been heard. This involves supporting missionary work, praying for unreached people groups, and even considering how we, individually, can participate in global mission efforts.

Furthermore, this verse teaches us the Church is a dynamic and ever-growing body. New Believers are constantly being added to the Church, and the work is never complete. Our mission to make disciples of all nations is ongoing in nature (see Matthew 28:19). Our local congregation is just one part of a larger, ever-expanding tapestry of faith. Let us be inspired by Paul’s ambition to take the gospel where it has not yet been proclaimed. And let us remember the Church is not limited by geographic boundaries or the walls of our local sanctuaries. Instead, it is a global movement that invites us to actively participate in God’s plan to reach all people with the message of His love and salvation.

Pray for God to show you your role within the global Church.