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Day 3 | Global – Definition

Read Revelation 7

What’s truly remarkable about this passage is its inclusivity. It doesn’t discriminate against any nation, tribe, people, or language. There’s no separate service for young adults or the elderly, no exclusive gathering for Hispanics or Ethiopians, and no division into different denominations at the crossroads. Instead, they all come together in unity to worship.

Before we reach the gates of Heaven, it’s crucial to recognize Christ’s Church extends far beyond the four walls within which we worship. Across the globe, people engage in daily worship—many without the luxuries and conveniences we often take for granted. It’s easy, especially in the comfort of America, to adopt a solely Western perspective. Yet, we must remember the global Church has a rich history. Long before we enjoyed air-conditioned sanctuaries and gourmet coffee, early Christians faced persecution, traversed treacherous terrain, and risked their lives to gather with fellow Believers.

As our world becomes more interconnected through the internet and social media, we risk becoming trapped in echo chambers the algorithms create. It’s vital to heed the command of Matthew 28:19, where we are called to make disciples of all nations. This mission takes diverse forms: some are called to be missionaries, some to fervent prayer for the world, and some to financially support global outreach.

We should be grateful the early Church recognized the global significance of Christ’s message. Through their tireless efforts in evangelism, prayer, translation work, and labor, we now have the thriving Church we are part of today. Jesus came for both Jews and Gentiles, and we must view our lives through that inclusive lens. How can we impact our city, county, state, country, and world with the love of Christ? Our mission is to extend His message of hope and salvation to every corner of the earth.

Pray for God to strengthen your brothers and sisters in Christ as they do His work all over the world.