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Day 37 | Diverse – Definition

Read Galatians 3

Take a moment to think about the people in your church community. Who is in your Life Group? Who do you serve with? What types of people do you see and interact with at church services? I hope when you think about these groups of people, there are different backgrounds and stations of life represented. But one thing you likely have in common is you all live in the same country, and you have probably always lived in the same country. With that shared background comes a commonality of culture that lends familiarity to your interactions and relationships.

Now, broaden your thoughts. Imagine people who don’t live in the same country as you and never have. Most of the people reading this devotional are Americans or currently live in the U.S., so think about South Americans, Asians, or Africans. Do you ever take time to consider there are churches in those parts of the world too? And does it ever cross your mind that your church—along with all the others—is part of the unified, global people of God? No matter what corner of the world we are in, we are one.

The apostle Paul reminds us of the Church’s unity in Galatians 3. He depicts different types of people in verse 28, all of whom occupied very different social positions and circles: Jews and Greeks, slaves and free people, men and women. There is great diversity in that list, and through Christ they are all one, transcending cultural and societal barriers. Right now, as I write this devotional in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, there are connections to brothers and sisters in Cairo, Egypt, Jakarta, Indonesia, and San Salvador, El Salvador. The fact that God is working in all of these different places and cultures proves how big God is and how open-hearted He is to all people.

Pray for eyes to see and appreciate the diversity of God’s people.