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Day 36 | Historic – Application

Read Hebrews 11

It’s easier to do something when you know someone else has done it before. The classic example of this is running a mile in less than four minutes. It was thought to be impossible, or at least close to impossible, until someone finally did it for the first time in recorded human history in 1954. Since then, over 700 runners have broken a four-minute mile in the U.S. alone. The impossible becomes possible when someone does it.

So how does this relate to the Church being historic? Whatever trials we face, whatever questions we have—no matter how big and impossible they seem—they have all been faced and overcome by those who came before us. So we may take heart we can overcome them too. For example, how can we have faith when we do the things God calls us to do but never see the fruit of it? What do we do when it seems like God doesn’t hold up His end of the deal? That’s what Hebrews 11 is all about. We should be like Abraham, Rahab, and so many other faithful predecessors who, despite what they could see physically, knew they served a faithful, unseen God.

Looking to our faith ancestors doesn’t just apply to “What should we do?” situations. It applies to “What should we think?” situations too. What questions have you had about God? Have you ever felt like you were the first person to ask something? Why is there evil? Why did Jesus come 2000 years ago and not now? How do I know if my Bible translation is correct? Sometime in the history of God’s people someone somewhere has asked the questions you’re asking, and they’ve thought long and hard about the answers. When we come across difficult questions or situations, we should look to the examples of those who came before us. Learn about Church history, but more importantly, learn from it!

Pray for God to show you the lessons learned by Believers who came before you.