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Day 27 | Holy – Definition

Read 1 Peter 2

Many people consider “holy” to mean being morally good and having a right standing with others. But when we look at the definition in a biblical context, we find something different. Holy means to be set apart for the One True God. He is holy because nothing has ever been or will ever be like Him. No one has done what He has done. No one else spoke and created stars, planets, mountains, oceans, and people. No one else has resurrected themselves from the dead and forgiven the sins of the world. He is holy because He is God.

The same One who is holy calls the Church His people, and we are His people because we’ve been given God’s righteousness to become a holy priesthood. Because we are His, we are called to be set apart from others and to be different from the world around us. We are called to rid ourselves of sin, but God doesn’t rid us of things so we may be left without. He always gives us something better. Instead of malice, we are given peace. Instead of deceit, we are given goodness. Instead of hypocrisy, we are given kindness. Instead of envy, we are given joy. Instead of slander, we are given love.

We are given these gifts because of Christ’s mercy. As Peter says, “Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people” (1 Peter 2:10). The Church is filled with God’s people, and we are His most prized possession—all so we may praise the One who died for us and forgives our sins.

Pray for the Church to be full of holy people who worship a holy God.