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Day 39 | Unified – Definition

Read John 15

In this chapter, we learn Jesus is the True Vine. This statement is one of several “I am” statements Jesus makes in the book of John. As Jesus’ followers, we best know who we are when we see who He is. Therefore, because Jesus is the True Vine, we are the branches. The language Jesus uses here reminds us of a grapevine. A gardener plants a grapevine to produce grapes. As followers of Jesus (the Church), we are unified in our purpose to produce spiritual fruit.

The Church produces fruit when we are rooted in Christ as the Vine. Without Him, we are not able to do anything. As the branches of the Vine, the Church should produce the fruit of sacrificial love, obedience to Jesus’ commands, and a desire to know more of Jesus. We must also understand when Jesus tells us to love one another as He has loved us, He calls us to love those who are also in the Church. In John 13:35, Jesus stated the world would know His followers by the love they have for one another.

Furthermore, Jesus does not command us to love only those who are in the Church, He tells us to love those who do not follow Christ, too. In John 15:16, Jesus says He appointed His followers to go and produce much fruit. Later in that chapter, Jesus goes on to say we—as His followers—will be persecuted and hated for going out and doing the very thing He appoints us to do as His branches. Undeniably, as Christ’s followers, we are to bear fruit. No matter the circumstances, the Church of Jesus Christ must bear much fruit for His glory and our joy.

Pray the Holy Spirit would produce the fruit of a Believer in your life and in the Church.