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Day 40 | Glory Application

Read Colossians 1

Paul is imprisoned as he writes this letter to the faithful people of Colossae. Their persecution continued to worsen, but their faith did not waiver. Paul sent this letter to give them hope and remind them of God’s glory, but there is a lot we can take from this passage as well. Christ’s glory was shown throughout His life and, ultimately, at the crucifixion. Through Christ Jesus, we have hope for eternity. Just as John painted us a picture of God in Revelation 4, Paul has done the same with Christ. Colossians 1:15–20 is the very reminder we need when we are, like the Colossians, persecuted for our faith.

Christ’s glory is His perfect nature, and when we pray and uplift the glory of God, we are actively wanting the Lord to reveal more of Himself so that He may be glorified. It is in God’s perfect nature to want a connection with those who love and surrender all to Him, and His glory equips us with everything we need to spread truth and help others.

The glory of God is for all people, and when we listen to God’s calling in our lives and allow ourselves to be servants of Christ, God’s glory is seen through us. Colossians 1:27 says, in part, “which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Christ is the living hope of His glory, and we are all called as followers of a Jesus Christ to the Great Commission, which we can only answer if we are with Him, always.

God has never promised our lives on Earth would be easy, but that same God is coming back someday soon in full glory to fulfill His ultimate promise, which is to be in perfect unity with His children. Until then, we are always to embrace the glory of our Father and let His name be known to all creation until the day He returns.

Pray for 10 minutes