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Day 39 | Glory Definition

Read Revelation 4

The definition of “glory” is high renown or honor won by notable achievements and magnificence or great beauty. The Old Testament definition is “heaviness” or “weight” and was intended to describe a person’s worth in a material sense. But the word “glory,” when related to God, has an endless number of definitions. God’s glory is more than reverence or respect; it’s His infinite wisdom, love, and a magnanimous display of His power. God’s glory is our strong tower, and just like Revelation 4:2, we rest knowing God is always on the throne. When we pray during suffering or peace—no matter the state we are in—the glory of God is with us, always.

When we read Revelation 4, John gives us a description of what God looks like as He is seated on the throne of Heaven. The creatures that fly around the Almighty God have been with Him since the beginning of creation, and every second, they see a new aspect of Him. John helps us by painting a picture of who God is and the beauty of everything around Him. Seeing God on the throne and the creatures and elders who give Him glory for eternity show us that while God is the embodiment of glory, we should also give Him praise and glory for who He is and what He has done for us.

The glory of God is displayed throughout Scripture in thousands of variations. Being reminded of God’s glory should be very sobering to us. Psalm 97:1–6 continues to give us a glimpse of the power and magnitude of God, and while we shouldn’t live in a constant state of irrational fear of God, we should embrace the love and mercy He has given us despite everything we have done.

Pray for 10 minutes