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Day 27 | Will Definition

Read Genesis 1:1–31

Discussions about God’s will can often seem shrouded in mystery. In a way, that makes sense. God is bigger than us, which translates to bigger than we can fully comprehend. When approaching a subject like His will, it seems natural for there to be aspects of it we may not understand. But God has been intentional to reveal everything we need to know about His will in Scripture. His will brings about everything He intends, and He gives us guidelines for how He wants us to live as part of His creation.

In fact, we first see the will of God on display in the Creation story of Genesis 1. God wanted there to be heavens and earth, sun, moon and stars, plants, animals, and everything we see around us. His will was so powerful that all He had to do was speak it and these things came into being. Marvelously, He even
wanted us to exist, and desired for us to be distinct from the rest of creation. By His good will, He made us to bear His image, which is an honor no other part of creation can claim. In this chapter, we’re even introduced to His will for how we should live. It’s His ultimate desire that we, His image-bearers, would spread through the earth to establish His reign. What an honor to be set apart for such a purpose!

Continuing through the Bible, this plan is continually reaffirmed. From the Law given to Moses all the way to the return of Christ in Revelation, everything God has said points back to God’s intention established in Genesis. While there will always be aspects of God’s will we won’t understand, what we do understand is true and clear. Even now, He wants us to be here, part of the good world He has made, and He has plans to help us and the world around us flourish.

Pray for 10 minutes