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Day 26 | Wrath Application

Read Ephesians 2:4–10

If disobedience leads us to experience the wrath of God, then logically, obedience is the antidote to experiencing His wrath.

Though the first three verses of Ephesians 2 are pretty bleak, the following seven are some of the most amazing passages in the Bible. If we will humble ourselves and make a choice to live in obedience to God, He saves us from wrath because He is “rich in mercy” and has “great love.” Not only are we saved, but we can have a relationship with Jesus that changes virtually everything about us for the better.

The even crazier news is that it is all free! “[We] are saved by grace through our faith,” but there is a catch of sorts. The catch is we must have faith to get the whole ball rolling. It is like someone giving us a new car, bought and paid for, and handing us the keys. Though the car is free, we must take the initiative to insert the key and turn on the engine. This is how our faith opens the door for a relationship with Jesus and salvation from eternal separation from Him.

With true faith comes obedience to God. Our natural response to His free supernatural gift of salvation that we cannot earn is living out our faith through works such as prayer, reading the Word, being in a church community, and serving the world around us (verse 10). Living in obedience to God enables us to escape both temporary and eternal wrath.

Pray for 10 minutes