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Day 2 | Sara Conceives

Read Genesis 21:1-7

Despite Sarah and Abraham’s doubts, God was true to his promises. In Genesis 17:19, God promised Abraham that he and Sarah would have a son, even at their old age. Abraham even laughed out of doubt saying, “Can a child be born to a hundred-year-old man? Can Sarah, a ninety-year-old woman, give birth?” (Genesis 17:17) God was faithful and accomplished what He had promised by blessing them with a child.

In this passage, we see that God is gracious and faithful to those who trust in Him. Sarah tried to become pregnant for many years with no success, which was a heavy burden in her culture and time. Waiting for their son’s birth required a lot of patience and trust. Then God did the impossible; the barren wife birthed the son who will inherit the promise and pass it on to give the world the twelve tribes of Israel. Abraham trusted in the Lord, and He provided blessings beyond measure. This miracle shows that God never has empty promises.

We sometimes get frustrated with God because we want God to work on our timing and not His. Like Sarah, we often get disappointed, thinking God won’t provide as He promised. We must count on the truth that is God’s Word, even when it seems like God has forgotten about us and all about the promises made to us. You can encourage others who might be struggling with addiction, financial problems, anxiety, and pain that God promises to provide as you trust Him. When God makes a promise to us, we must count it as something sure and true. God never breaks His promises to His people, and we are to live in active confidence in that!

Pray for 10 Minutes