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Day 12 | The Fiery Furnace

Read Daniel 3:16-27

The fiery furnace is one of God’s miracles that demonstrates His constant faithfulness in the lives of those who trust Him. In this story, King Nebuchadnezzar commands the people to turn away from God and instead worship an image of gold. He says that anyone unwilling to worship as he has commanded will be thrown into a blazing furnace (Daniel 3:6). This story shows us three men- Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego- who stand firm in their faith and God protects them.

There was no earthly way that these three men were going to survive the fire, as Nebuchadnezzar had commanded that the fire be heated seven times hotter than usual. These men had complete faith that God could protect them from harm because of His goodness and faithfulness. They practiced such strong faith that even when threatened with death, they still would only worship God and God alone. They demonstrate unwavering faith in verse 18, where they state that even if God does not deliver them from the furnace, they still refuse to worship other gods. While they know that God can deliver them from any harm, they are at a place of surrender by accepting the idea that God may not save them. However, God enters the fire with them and brings them out completely unharmed. What a miracle of protection and faithfulness!

We all walk through situations and circumstances that can bring destruction and suffering to our lives. Like these three men, God calls us to place our faith and hope in Him, knowing that He can protect us. While God can save us from anything, our faith must rest in His sovereign will, trusting that He will work in our lives the way He sees fit. Even when fires arise around us, we can rest in the promise that God can protect those who remain faithful. While we may not know what His protection looks like, steadfast faith will reveal His excellent and just provision over our lives.

Pray for 10 minutes