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Day 10 | Sacrifice on Mt Carmel

Read 1 Kings 18:20-39

At Mount Carmel, Elijah challenges all those who followed an idol, Baal, to prove whose god is real. He does this by telling each side to call on their god to set fire to a cut-up bull on wood. To prove that Baal is a false god, the one true God, Yahweh, takes the opportunity to show all who are present that He is both real and can defy our human logic with His power. He consumes Elijah’s stones, wood, bull, and water with His mighty fire.

The followers of Baal called out to their god for hours, but their sacrifice was unlit. Elijah used this opportunity to show the followers of other gods that their idols are not real. We only have one true God. Elijah went overboard, setting up his fire so that there would be no question in how it was lit. He dug a trench around it and filled it with more than enough water. Elijah called on God to light the fire, and God showed up. The fire was so hot that it consumed everything he placed there, even the stones were gone! Elijah wanted to make sure there could be no question that God completed this miracle.

Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek God first before anything else, and He will take care of all our needs. This means getting rid of the idols in our lives that take up the time we should be spending with God. We do this because we know our God is mightier than any idol on Earth. If we have confidence in our relationship with our Lord and Savior and put Him first in our lives, He will consume our hearts. Let’s be active in our relationship with God, be intentional about spending time with Him, and keep Him first in our lives.

Pray for 10 minutes