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Day 32 | In Exile – Application

Read Revelation 21

What hope we have! In Revelation 21, we see a glimpse of the coming Kingdom of God. There will be a day when we no longer walk as exiles but as citizens of God’s Kingdom. In a world that is often at odds with our faith, we—the Church—find ourselves in a state of exile. But today’s chapter shows us a picture of our future destination, which we can cling to amidst our spiritual sojourning.

There will be a day when the New Jerusalem is established—a day when the Bridegroom, Jesus, will come for His bride, the Church (see Revelation 21:2). On that day, all our suffering, pain, sickness, and tears will be wiped away (see Revelation 21:4). All of the images in Revelation 21 paint a picture of the hope we have in Christ. They serve as a reminder one day we will all dwell in the fullness of God’s presence.

Everything we do on this earth as exiles is temporary. The suffering we experience will one day fade, and the tears of sorrow will be replaced. We can be encouraged by that fact! What’s not temporary is the eternal Kingdom of God—a Kingdom that He will establish, free from sin, suffering, and pain. It gives us hope to live for what is eternal. When we’re in the middle of circumstances that feel like they will crush us, we can look forward to what Christ will eventually make new. Remember, we are eternal beings in a world where we do not belong. We are in a foreign land, not our home. Today, take time to remind yourself that our present-day suffering as exiles will one day be replaced by life in God’s Kingdom.

Pray, giving thanks to our faithful God, who will keep His promise to replace our broken world with His perfect Kingdom.