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Day 33 | Perfection Definition

Read Psalm 18

At times, the struggle to be perfect and for our plans to go perfectly on our terms may frustrate us when things do not go our way. Yet, it is in our imperfection we realize the only perfection that matters—God’s perfection.
God is complete and perfect in every way. His perfection completely possesses all excellent qualities, and He lacks nothing. He is flawless, and His perfection perfectly summarizes every attribute. His love, truth, power, knowledge, goodness, etc., is perfect. Because God is perfect, His ways are perfect, and every decision He makes for us is perfect. God’s perfection should remind us that His way is the path we want to follow.

In Psalm 18, King David expresses his gratitude to God for delivering him from the grasp of his enemies. King David acknowledges how he cried out to the Lord to intervene, and the Lord heard him. Through King David’s obedience and trust in God, we see how God is the only solution to his problems, and this is why David highlights God’s character of perfection. Verse 30 reminds us of God’s perfect ways; in return, we can trust Him to be our shield and defender. In trusting in His way, the Lord will equip and strengthen us in our cry for help.

As we live out His perfect plan for us in obedience, Hebrews 5:8–10 reminds us of how Jesus was made the perfect savior through His obedience in the midst of suffering. Hebrews 5:9 reads, “After he was perfected, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him.” In Jesus’ obedience to God’s perfect plan, He becomes the savior for all who obey Him. We are saved! How? Just like Jesus and King David, we can be delivered by crying out to God and obeying Him.

Pray for 10 minutes