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Day 24 | Jealousy Application

Read Ezekiel 16:1–43

Ezekiel 16 is a shocking chapter. But our focus here is on two aspects of this chapter: jealousy and infidelity. Ezekiel 16 speaks poetically and symbolically about Israel as the bride of God. The chapter opens with a very beautiful passage about how God lavished Israel with gifts when no one else wanted her. He nurtured Israel and raised her up to be a great and mighty nation that others looked up to. God was always faithful, loving, and generous toward her. But Israel didn’t do the same for God. And that’s when things go south.

The central issue here is that Israel left God for another lover. Other lovers, plural, actually. Despite all the care and affection God poured out to Israel, Israel repaid Him by abandoning Him and doing what He told her not to do. All of us can identify with this on some level. God has poured out gifts and favor and blessings to each of us, and we deserved none of them. When we commit sin, when we do the things God has told us not to do, we are being unfaithful like Israel. We are abandoning the One who loves us for the false promises and empty pleasures of another “lover.”

So how does God’s jealousy affect our everyday lives? It should drive us into His arms. We should know and understand that God has loved and still loves us, and burns with a divine and holy jealousy for us. So when thoughts and temptations come about, calling us into the arms of another lover, we should remember that God will share us with none other. And if we do give into sin, we should remember that He still loves us as He did before. His jealousy still burns for us. He may discipline us as we return to Him, but His love for us is greater than our sin against Him.

Pray for 10 minutes