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Day 10 | Truthfulness Application

Read 1 Peter 1:13–25

Navigating through this world can be challenging—circumstances change, worldly culture pushes and tests us, and people try to sway us toward their narrative. However, as we begin to grow in our understanding of God’s nature and His truthfulness, we can become confident that our lives will reflect His Word, and not the word of the world. For most of us, this is a non-linear process—a process that we should never give up on.

This is why Peter is writing to the church, which was under state-sponsored persecution at the time, to remind them to hold fast to the truth of the gospel. Through Jesus, we have been redeemed from our sins and adopted into His family. We were once sinners in darkness, but He called us out from that place. He set us apart and graciously allowed us to enter into His truth. At the end of this passage, Peter challenges the church to remember that when everything fades away, the truth of the gospel will still remain.

Christ alone is all grace and all truth. When the challenges inevitably come, reflect and remember this: The Word of God is as constant as it is unshakable. It is the one single thing we can confidently put our faith and hope into, and it’s because of that simple extraordinary truth we can have hope for what is to come. Today, take the challenge to apply the truth of Scripture in your life. In what ways do you need to renew your mind with the truth of His Word? In what ways are you allowing the lies of the world to define who you are? As we
see the truth of who God is, we will discover the truth about ourselves, and, as Jesus says, “the truth will set you free”(John 8:32). Let us step into the freedom and truth of our Heavenly Father.

Pray for 10 minutes