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EON | Shelbyville


In EON, we aim to meet students where they are during their middle school (6th-8th grade) years.

Why “EON”? According to Webster’s Dictionary, an EON is “an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time” or “one billion years.” At EON, we strive to meet students in a difficult phase where it can be hard to see the large picture of their lives and of eternity. During middle school, when a student’s identity tends to focus on the sports they play, the clothes they wear, or their friend group, we desire to promote their eternal identity in Christ. This identity will last beyond their upcoming school test or shopping trip because it will last an EON!

For many students, the question they ask in this season is “Who am I right now?” rather than “Who am I going to be for an EON?” Peers, media, and culture bombard them every day, telling them who they are and who they should be. This pressure can lead to drastic, rushed, and short-sighted decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. In EON, we walk side-by-side with students and help them overcome the short-term chaos with eternal peace.

During our services, we have time for students to play games and have fellowship with each other and the leaders. We then have a time of worship which is followed by Bible-based teaching. The majority of our time is spent in Life Groups, where students get an opportunity to share about their weeks, discuss the lesson together, and pray for each other. 


During EON services, volunteers spend about an hour and a half with students. Because our time is limited with them, we try to maximize the quality of our time together. We sit with the students and ask about their weeks, and, most importantly, we listen. From the beginning of class and the end of class, we have to be as intentional as possible.

EON volunteers have an important role each week as we are in the world with middle school students. Middle school is a time when students are searching for their identity. We have the opportunity and privilege to share biblical truth and live out the gospel in the way we talk, act, and love in the time given with them each week. We purpose to pray for them throughout the week in hopes that God can protect them from the world, which tells them how they should look or who they should be.

As EON volunteers, we ask questions, we listen, we pray, we are intentional, we are consistent, and, most importantly, we love.

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