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Day 8 | Leah

Read Genesis 29:15-35

Leah was the first-born daughter of Laban. She was Rachel’s older, unattractive sister, the unwanted first wife of Jacob, and the mother of six sons who made up half of the twelve tribes of Jacob. Her fourth son, Judah’s bloodline, is significant in the lineage of Christ.

Leah’s story does not make for a great Hallmark romance movie since she was the wife that was not wanted! Her father tricked Jacob into marrying her, and Jacob was very disappointed when he found out what had happened. He wanted her younger sister, and now he was stuck with a wife he didn’t want. So, where does this whole situation leave Leah? Leah was stuck in a loveless marriage and had no control of her situation. She could have been angry at God for putting her in this position, but she chose to cry out to Him, and God faithfully showed that He was with her. He blessed her with six sons, which she faithfully raised to follow God. Her son, Judah’s bloodline, produced King David, King Solomon, and then Jesus, the Savior of the world! You can see Leah’s faithful journey with God each time she gives birth to her sons. She names them in honor of God: Reuben – behold a son (God blessed her), Simeon – hearing (God heard her), Levi – joined (God joined her to Jacob), Judah – praise (God blessed her).

All of us want to control things in our lives. We want to control our jobs, friendships, and circumstances. As we go through our lives trying to control everything, it is easy to get frustrated and disappointed when God doesn’t go along with what we are trying to control! Leah’s submission to the Lord was a blessing to her, and in the end, to the world! We can learn from Leah. God has amazing blessings planned for you. Letting go of controlling your life and fully submitting to the Lord will allow Him to do what He has planned for you. Are you ready to see His plans for you?

Pray for 10 minutes