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Day 36 | Thomas

Read John 20:24-29

Our rational minds can send us on wonderful fact-finding missions or can lead us to great peril. For Saint Thomas, one of Jesus’ 12 apostles, it was both. After Jesus defeated death and brought forth the new creation, the other disciples saw Jesus and were filled with joy. Since Thomas wasn’t there for this incredible encounter, he said he didn’t believe them. In fact, he wouldn’t believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes! Yet, when Jesus showed up again, Ole’ Doubting Thomas would have to eat crow. Jesus was alive! And He confronted Thomas’ doubt.

When I was young, if someone made a bold claim, my natural reaction was to respond: prove it! In high school, I had a co-worker we’ll call Alex, who was skeptical about another co-worker we’ll call Justin (who had one missing arm). Justin was adamant his dad could do 100 push ups in 1 minute. Alex didn’t believe him and wanted me to call it into question. After much pestering, I relented and questioned Justin, and it didn’t go well. It turns out Justin’s dad had no arms. Not only was Justin offended, but he was convinced Alex would have never told me to ask that. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

After Thomas sees Jesus with his own eyes, he then makes one of the most profound proclamations: My Lord and my God! Saint Thomas submitted to Jesus as King of the Universe. This was indeed a bold claim for a first-century Jew. This submission only came because Thomas still hung around. His doubt didn’t lead him away from God; it kept him there long enough to see the Truth revealed. As we wrestle with our doubts and fears, are we allowing it to drive us further away from God or closer to the truth of Jesus? Are you remaining around long enough to see your doubts turned into great joy? Oh, and just so you know, my co-workers busted out laughing after I sheepishly walked away. It turned out to be a prank. One I will never forget.

Pray for 10 minutes