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Day 12 | Aaron

Read Exodus 32:1-35

Aaron was the brother of Moses, one of history’s most famous leaders. To be a sibling in such a situation can be challenging, intimidating, or even annoying. Aaron was assigned to help Moses lead, That means he clearly understood the vision and challenges. He had a close-up view of every great victory God had given his people,
including the plagues on their oppressors and parting the waters for a multitude to escape to Mount Sinai.

Moses disappeared on his ascent up the mountain to meet with God for further instructions. As he did, Aaron became the second-in-command and was responsible for maintaining order among the people. Unexpectedly, days turned into long weeks with no sign of Moses returning. A spirit of uncertainty and fear fell on all the people. So in search of something familiar for reassurance, Aaron made an idol shaped like gods of their former oppressors in Egypt. The action unified the unsettled population and brought a period of celebration. Aaron attempted to dedicate the festivities and worship to the true Lord, but idolatry had taken everyone’s attention away from God. We cannot clearly understand what Aaron thought when he made the golden calf. But we do know he was not only distracted from his focus on the one true God, but he was distracted from his responsibility to call others to faithful living, and distracted from the opportunity to provide leadership in a time of need. He was preoccupied by the pressures of pleasing the people around him.

Similarly, Satan’s greatest victory is to distract your attention from the true God and his power to work in your life. When you focus on following the desires of the crowd around you, then some form of idolatry will creep into your life and substitute for your worship of God. The results are devastating for you and all others who are influenced by your life. Recognize how the Lord has blessed you up to this point and keep your faith focused. Only then can you keep from turning to idols.

Pray for 10 minutes