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May Life Group Launch

New Life Groups are launching on May 7th!

Authentic Community is an essential part of life at The Experience.

Part of being a Jesus-follower includes coming alongside others on the journey to encourage and support each other as we grow closer to Christ. Life Groups are also a wonderful way to build genuine connections. There are several Life Groups to choose from for any person at any stage of life. We encourage our Life Groups to be diverse, multi-generational, and welcoming to believers at every stage of discipleship. Life Groups are more than a Bible study; we aim to cultivate vulnerability and accountability in our discussions.

If you are not currently part of a Life Group, check out our list of available Life Groups or consider joining one of our new groups launching the week of May 7th. Our leaders are excited to welcome new faces and form new connections to strengthen our walk with Jesus. Don’t go through life alone; find your people in a Life Group.

What | Life Group Launch
When | Starting May 7th
Where | Launching Into Homes

To sign up for a Life Group, click the button below.