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Community Cleaning Day

We are excited to announce our Community Cleaning Day for 2024!

Community Cleaning Day is a way to engage in Authentic Worship by giving our time and energy to serve those made in God’s image, to experience Authentic Community by working together, and to conduct Authentic Community Service by genuinely connecting with the people in our surrounding area. 

Community Cleaning Day began almost a decade ago when we simply cleaned up the church and the surrounding areas to make a noticeable impact in our community. Over the past five years, it has developed into one of our most significant outreach events.

Last year, across our Network of churches, we had over 700 people participate and were able to impact 120 families as we visited different neighborhoods surrounding our churches. In years past, we had teams focus on the areas immediately surrounding the church. It’s incredible to see how consistency has allowed us to build lasting relationships. 

This year, we are thrilled to continue pouring into these communities! 

  • If you are not in a Life Group: You can serve the community by focusing with us on the areas we have chosen to help as a church. Sign up here to volunteer.

  • If you are in a Life Group: We are encouraging each Life Group to decide together how to serve their neighborhoods and communities as a group. Life Groups can visit their neighborhoods, connect with people, and find ways to serve them. We hope this creates opportunities to build relationships, pray for people, and point them to Jesus. Check with your Life Group for sign-ups.

What | Community Cleaning Day

When | May 4th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Where | Murfreesboro Campus