Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace groups connect single moms with a judgment-free community who want to cheer them on and help them be brave. Our two different group types provide the support that a single mom needs to make it through this bump in life.

Embrace Grace - For single and pregnant moms
Has your life been impacted by a surprise pregnancy? No matter your past or what you are going through, whether you choose to parent or place for adoption, we want to walk with you. When you join this support group, you will: meet weekly for 12 weeks, be encouraged by women mentors, make new friends, and receive a baby shower in your honor.

Embrace Life - For single moms
Are you currently walking through a season of single motherhood? You are not alone! Learn how to choose joy and gain the confidence you need to become the woman and mom you dream of being. When you join this support group, you will: meet weekly for 11 weeks, be mentored by women who understand motherhood, make new mom friends, and gain life-changing skills that will help you find your passion.

Join a group today so we can show you that you're not alone and you can have your baby and your dreams too. To sign up click the link below!

Where | Murfreesboro Campus
When | Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
Start Date | March 8th, 2022

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