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Day 37 | Beauty Definition

Read Psalm 27

Beauty is certainly a concept that has been twisted by humans. Our culture tends to define beauty as a combination of outward appearances that are pleasing to the eye. But a truer definition of beauty is to contain the sum of all desirable qualities. The only person who could ever achieve perfect beauty is the one perfect God. His beauty is part of His perfection because He does not lack anything desirable. God created all humans to have good and righteous desires that are ultimately only fulfilled in Him. We long for the beautiful perfection of God that we can experience in this life, as well as the beautiful perfection we will one day experience in Heaven.

King David’s words in Psalm 27 show a human expressing the desire to have a close, intimate relationship with a perfect God. The “one thing” he asked of God was to be in His presence.

This shows that David’s greatest desire was to see “the beauty of the Lord” and to “seek his face.” Experiencing the beauty of the Lord by spending time with Him leads David to experience a supernatural peace and confidence in the midst of trials.

Just as David sought the face of God, Revelation 22:4 promises that one day we will “see his face” if we live lives surrendered to Jesus. On that day, as God creates a new Heaven and new earth, all of our human desires will be satisfied and fulfilled in the beautiful perfection of God, which will then be ours to live out as newly perfected creations. Until that day, God has given us His creation (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20) to give us a glimpse of His beauty and remind us that our human longings cannot be fulfilled in the mortal and temporary, but only in the eternal perfection of the Lord.

Pray for 10 minutes