Authentic Community Service

We strongly believe in showing Christ's love through giving generously to our community. We believe Jesus has called His church to clothe, feed, & care for those who are in need., 20% of every dollar given to our church is given back into Murfreesboro & Cannon County through projects that directly benefit those in need in our community through various ministries and non-profits. We are committed to continuing this model of benevolence and community service as God continues to open doors for us to show the love of Jesus through ministries of compassion and service.

Mentor Leaders

Mentor Leaders is a non-profit organization utilizing community-based efforts to bring aid, restoration and sustainability to global neighborhoods.

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Shelby Hardison

Our mission at Grandi Nan Nou Home is to simply live intentionally and grow with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Encourage visitors to reach out if they are unsure. This will take them to a contact form.

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Kings Castle

Founded in 1989, King’s Castle Ministries purposed to raise up young, Spirit filled evangelists who would invade Latin America with the simple message that Jesus saves and is coming soon.

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