Authentic Community Service

We believe that we are called to show Christ’s love through a generous lifestyle. We are committed to serving our church, community, nation, and world by supporting and providing opportunities for our church to serve. Outreach is a critical part of the culture of The Experience Community, we partner with local and global nonprofits to help those in need and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Find out where you would like to serve!

ECC Mission Trips

The Experience Community Church offers multiple mission trips each year. On these trips, we spend a week in each location to provide help to the organizations we partner with. 

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First Priority | Brian Waters

First Priority Global believes that young people are the best Missionaries, Ministers, and Messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their own generation.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

No matter your skill set or passions, there is a place for you to serve. Need some help deciding? Send us an email and we'll help find you a spot!

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Impact Africa | Ashley Haynes

The overall mission of Impact Africa is to serve, educate, and rescue individuals while provoking them toward a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ through socially relevant outlets.

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Kings Castle

King’s Castle Ministries purposed to raise up young, Spirit-filled evangelists who would invade Latin America with the simple message that Jesus saves and is coming soon.

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Mentor Leaders

Mentor Leaders is a non-profit organization utilizing community-based efforts to bring aid, restoration and sustainability to global neighborhoods.

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The Shai Fund

The Shai Fund is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance in disaster relief and development situations around the globe.

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