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Day 23 | The Shunammite Woman

Read 2 Kings 4:8-37

The Shunammite woman, a notable God-fearing woman from the village of Shunem, welcomed the prophet named Elisha to her home for a meal every time he passed by. Through these interactions, she came to know Elisha as a true prophet and a holy man of God. Being a generous woman and wanting to do something more for the prophet, she petitioned her husband to allow her to build a room in their home for the sole purpose of giving the prophet a place to stay during his travels. Elisha was moved by her generosity and asked her if he could use his influence with the King on her behalf.

She explained she was not looking for favor and that she was content among her own people. Elisha’s servant explained that the woman had no son and her husband was old. Elisha called the woman to him and prophesied over her that she would have a son by this time next year. The prophecy was fulfilled, and the woman gave birth to a son. Sometime later, the boy became sick and died. The Shunammite woman knew at
once she needed the holy man of God to intervene on her son’s behalf. She journeyed to where he was and pleaded for him to save her son. Elisha came to Shunem and restored her son to life.

The Shunammite woman showed Elisha great respect. She honored him with her hospitality and did not ask for anything in return. When we invite God’s people into the intimate parts of our lives, we exhibit the love of Christ. We do this not to serve our own needs and desires but to honor the Lord. We are told to love our neighbor as ourselves. Are we showing neighborly love to our brothers and sisters in Christ? If so, are we doing it for recognition or immediate reward? Is our hospitality glorifying God? Take time today to spread the love of Christ to another brother or sister.

Pray for 10 minutes