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Day 38 | The Resurrection

Read Luke 24:1-8

In Luke 24:1-8, we read about the miracle that is the most instrumental to the Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus. Those who profess Christianity know that the resurrection is the pinnacle of the entire Gospel. The Gospel, or Good News, is that death and the powers of darkness that rule this world were conquered. When the angelic messengers declared to the women at the tomb, “He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead!,” it was a declaration of a victory. It’s a good feeling when we get to announce a victory.

The start of the Bible tells us we were supposed to live life on God’s behalf, and not our own. Paradise was about a sovereign God, lovingly creating humanity to be connected with God. But, we chose to diminish God’s position and power to be godlike ourselves (Genesis 3:1-8). God came to Earth in order to reconcile this disastrous error. Being fully human and fully divine (Philippians 2:6-8), Jesus brought Heaven and Earth together once again. Through the conquering of death, Jesus enabled humanity to live as we were created. When the original sin took place, humanity was subjected to the power of sin and death, not just physical, but
also spiritual. When Jesus was crucified, He took on the sin and iniquity of humanity and was buried with Him. He declared that those things had been conquered, and through Him, there is a new way to live.

The reason that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is so vitally crucial to the Christian is that it is the defining moment in Jesus’ ministry to declare who He is, what He had done, and, most importantly, to invite us to join in bringing forth the Kingdom of God. The resurrection is that staple that holds the Gospel story together, a story that we are invited to participate in. How will you join in the resurrection of Jesus today? The powers of sin and death no longer control us because of the resurrection. And through God’s Spirit, we can live the Kingdom of Heaven once again.

Pray for 10 minutes