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Day 18 | Healing Peter’s Mother-In-Law

Read Luke 4:38-39
This passage is saying we desire for those we love to be healed. That’s apparent when the people asked Jesus about the ill woman, who turns out to be Peter’s mother-in-law. I know what you’re thinking, “obviously, Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law.” And yes, it is a physical healing from a fever (which in ancient times would have been deadly), but what about the emotional and spiritual wounds of those we love? Certainly, Jesus cares about those battles too, right? Peter and his family were interested in a different outcome than this current pain of their family member, as we all are when it comes to our hurting family members.

The reason why they asked Jesus about her was because they loved her, and she was their family. This passage shows how impactful our intercession to God on someone else’s behalf can be. It literally can change someone’s life. We want what is best for others because we love them. That’s what love is, wanting the absolute best for someone. That’s the love God has for us. That love compels us to pray for our family members emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

We need to be lifting one another up in prayer, interceding for our family. Whether that is a sick relative, a family member far from God, spiritual family at church, or your own children. Interceding means that we go out of our way to be intentional in prayer for one another. It means sending a text and asking, “how can I be praying for you,” and then carving out that time to make that a priority every day. When is the last time you talked to God on behalf of your family? God has the power to heal the sick, the addicted, the depressed, the brokenhearted, and the lost, even in your family. We all have someone in our family that needs someone interceding on their behalf. Take time today and listen to who it is in your family that God wants you to intervene for.

Pray for 10 minutes