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Day 17 | Turning Water Into Wine

Read John 2:1-11

Weddings at this time were a big deal. They were way bigger than weddings we throw today. Preparations for weddings were critical. It was the family’s responsibility to cater to the guests during the reception which lasted several days. So, imagine you buying wine and food for your whole family all week! If you had too little, the guests saw it as an insult to themselves.

When Jesus turned the water into wine, it wasn’t a small feat. These stone jars held somewhere between 20 to 30 gallons per container, adding up to around 120 gallons! Then the water was brought to the master of the banquet, which was a very public thing. It wasn’t as if no one saw it. Think of the master of the banquet as the bridegroom at a wedding. All eyes were on him. Jesus’s provision was literally keeping the party going. Stakes were high for the people involved. In this, we see that when we have troubles, and we entrust them to Christ and let Him take control, His outcome is always better than ours! His answers may not make sense at the moment; for example, “fill the jars with water.” However, when we are faithful and follow Jesus, the best is yet to come. With wine, it is common to start with the good stuff first and then go down in quality from there. But as the bridegroom takes a drink of the wine, he refers to it as “the good wine.” In this, we see that God knows what is best. Eventually, what we have runs out. But the provisions of Christ last forever. The best part, though, is that it doesn’t stop there. God saves his best blessings for last.

We should be giving everything we have to Jesus. Not only does He deserve it, but it’s in our best interest. It may not make sense to give more than 10% of your finances or give more of your time to help others grow in their faith. But, when we give more to Jesus, He makes it better than anything we could do ourselves.

Pray for 10 minutes