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Day 31 | Power Definition

Read Exodus 14

When we think of the word “power,” we typically refer to a variety of ideas relating to ability, capacity, authority, and strength. As we read stories of the Bible, we see God display all these characteristics repeatedly. In Exodus 14, we read about one of the more well-recognized displays of God’s power over the physical world.

Up to this moment, God had already performed astounding miracles for His people (plagues, freedom from Egypt, pillars of fire and cloud), but it was at this desperate point in the story we see the Israelites’ faith put to the test. When the Israelites hit a literal roadblock in their escape, they realized they were powerless on their own and became very afraid. In this fear, they began shouting at Moses to let them return to their former bondage (verse 12). Does this sound familiar? As professing Christians, we have already accepted that
God has the power to turn our lives around and make us whole. However, just like the Israelites, sometimes when life gets too challenging, we can end up finding ourselves heading right back to these bondages of sin. Yet, in His faithfulness, God showed His miraculous power over the natural world by parting the Red Sea to save the Israelites once more. Likewise, God’s power can also save us today from our bondages of sin.

God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. The God of the Israelites who parted a literal sea for them is the same God who loves and cares for us today. His power is unlike anything we can imagine. Just as Moses instructed the Israelites, “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation that he will accomplish for you today…The Lord will fight for you, and you must be quiet” (Exodus 14:13–14). If we can learn to trust in God, even when it seems like there is no way, we can see His mighty power on display in our own lives.

Pray for 10 minutes