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Kitchen Team


On our Kitchen Team, we strive to take care of those serving each weekend at ECC. We are thankful to those who step up each weekend to teach, lead, and serve, and we want to provide for them in return. From picking up catered food to prepping meals to cleaning up at the end of the day, the Kitchen Team helps physically feed those spiritually feeding the Body of Christ at ECC.

Each weekend, we have various serving times. When you volunteer with the Kitchen Team, you will arrive before service to help set up, prep, or pick up the meal for that service, then stay until it is time to transition to the next meal or until clean up is complete. 


Saturdays: Kitchen Team volunteers will pick up catered meals and bring them to the church before services begin. We also need people willing to oversee and take care of the kitchen area until clean up is complete. 

Sundays: We have serving times starting as early as 7:00 am. Kitchen Team volunteers will prep breakfast for the 8:00 am, transition from breakfast to lunch during the 10:00 am service, or manage the kitchen area for the 12:00 pm service until clean up is complete.

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