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Day 14 | Rahab

Read Joshua 2:1–21; 6:22–25

Rahab was a harlot whose house formed part of the town wall of Jericho in the late Bronze Age. Rahab is assuredly the same Rahab identified in Matthew 1:5, making her an ancestor of David and including her in the genealogy of Jesus. The author of Hebrews names her as an example of faith in God (see Hebrews 11:31), and James calls her righteous for her efforts in allowing Joshua’s spies to lodge with her and protecting them by sending the spies pursuers on a false trail.

Joshua sent out the two spies to “spy out the land” as part of the final preparations to conquer Jericho. The fidelity of a harlot saved the spies’ lives. Indeed, Rahab saw Joshua’s spies as representatives of the God of Israel. Her faith was firm yet simple, and she was obedient.

Rahab risked her life by taking the spies into her home and protecting them. Had the king uncovered Rahab’s betrayal, he would have had her killed for treachery. Instead, she protected the spies from the king’s grasp and even gave instructions to the spies on how to evade their pursuers. The spies were not the only people of God who were saved in this story. Rahab believed in the God of Israel and knew the Hebrews would conquer the city. Rahab depended on the spies for the preservation of her family as much as they depended on her. When Jericho was destroyed, the Israelites spared Rahab and her family.

Today, the enemy is coming after God’s people. Some of God’s people are being “cancelled,” some are drowning in litigation for their beliefs, and others are being attacked through job loss, family issues, and more. Indeed Jesus says we will have trouble in this broken world, but He has overcome the world! Will you protect God’s people from harm? Will you risk it all and tie the scarlet cord to your window to protect and preserve your church family?

Pray for 10 minutes