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Day 5 | The Waters of Meribah

Read Numbers 20:7-13

Forty years after God had delivered Moses and the Israelites from Egypt, they found themselves back in Kadesh, the area where Israel’s worst act of rebellion took place. Once again the Israelites were complaining about having no water and they wished they had died in Egypt. Moses and Aaron respond by falling face down, and the Lord responded by instructing Moses to “speak to that rock,” and from it, God would provide water. Moses was frustrated that the people had forgotten how God provided for them. The forty years of anger and frustration reached its boiling point, and Moses exploded. Instead of speaking to the rock, Moses struck the rock twice and addressed his people with harsh words.

Despite the disobedience of Moses, God provided water for His people. Honoring God in leadership is something every Christian should attempt to do. You may be a manager, teacher, small group leader, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but we can never mistake our authority for God’s authority. The leadership of Moses faltered in this crucial moment when he stopped trusting God and started acting out of his impulses. We all recall times when God has continuously provided for us, but out of frustration we attempt to figure everything out ourselves. God shows us that despite fallen leaders, He always provides.

As Christians, we must reflect daily on all the things God has provided for us and ask God for patience, discernment, wisdom, and knowledge to help us lead people closer to Him. Accountability with a Life Group can help guide us. It’s also vital to stay grounded by keeping a weekly Sabbath where you fill yourself up to pour out into the lives of those you lead. The task of leading a family without depending entirely on God is beyond human capability. If Moses struggled with this, so will we! By God’s grace, even failure as great as this does not separate us from the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Pray for 10 minutes