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Day 14 | Daniel is Delivered

Read Daniel 6:16-23

King Darius’s chief rulers were jealous of Daniel and wanted to find some fault in him to get rid of him. They found none, so they thought of a way to make a fault in him. They convinced Darius to order everyone to pray to him, and no other god, or else be thrown in the lion’s den. Daniel, being faithful to his God alone, refused. King Darius was distraught when his chief rulers came to him about Daniel. The King was so upset he fasted till morning in hopes that Daniel would be found unharmed.

We often focus on the faith and dedication of Daniel as the main point of this miracle. To be sure, verse 23 affirms that Daniel was unharmed, “for he [Daniel] trusted in his God.” But we shouldn’t neglect another aspect of his being saved. Darius, wrought with distress that Daniel might not survive the night, fasted. The King must have seen something in Daniel that made him believe in God because he stayed up fasting until he could check on Daniel the next morning. It’s unclear whether Darius prayed to God, but judging from his decree in verses 25 through 27, I think it’s a safe bet. Rather than drown his sorrows in food, drink, and music, Darius kept to himself and fasted.

I believe God’s deliverance of Daniel from the lion’s den was not only a result of Daniel’s faith, but also the new found faith of King Darius. While he didn’t have the calm confidence of Daniel, he was desperate for Daniel’s safety. In his affliction he turned to fasting rather than distractions and diversions. During these 40 days I hope you’re learning to see the power of fasting, and how it is available to us at any time. If at any point during this year you’re desperate for a solution to a situation, consider fasting like Darius. God may not work it out like you think He will, but He rewards humility expressed through fasting.

Pray for 10 minutes